Italian Bank deploys SAFIRA´s BPM tool in record time

Implemented in less than 4 weeks, SAFIRA’s BPM Ad-hoc framework allows Credito Valtellinese’s business users to attain control and visibility over the most simple, but time-consuming processes in their organization (these ‘unstructured’ or ‘Ad-hoc’ processes can represent up to 75% of the organization total number of processes and take up to 60% of the overall working time), through a compelling and intuitive user interface. SAFIRA’s BPM Ad-Hoc framework is the result of 10 years of experience in BPM initiatives across 18 countries of 4 continents and this year shall have a critical role in conquering new markets. Besides Italy, also Algeria and Dominican Republic have been recently added to SAFIRA’s map of BPM projects, which already includes countries like Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, UAE among many others.

SAFIRA BPM Ad-hoc FrameworkSAFIRA, an IT Professional Services firm known for transforming the way organizations do business with Smarter Process, has just announced the implementation of its BPM Ad-Hoc framework in Credito Valtellinese, allowing business users to easily define and deploy simple and unstructured processes (Ad-hoc) – the most frequent and time-consuming in any organization.

According to Luís Correia, Senior Manager at SAFIRA, “It is fairly common that businesses need to manage unstructured processes (Ad-hoc) rather than well-defined business processes. Ad-hoc processes consist of a series of activities that aren’t clearly defined. While addressing these processes the users must be able to decide what to do, when to do it, and assign work to other users, resulting in the creation of multiple interactions within the organization. Traditionally supported by e-mail and also known as ‘invisible processes’, Ad-hoc processes are highly error-prone and have no control or visibility. Until now. SAFIRA’s BPM Ad-hoc framework selected by Credito Valtellinese supports this type of processes and structures what is still not fully known, adding traceability and reducing operational risks and costs. All of this in an easy to use and compelling interface focused on providing an outstanding user experience that accelerates and leverages adoption throughout the organization.”

Fully integrated with IBM BPM, SAFIRA’s framework allows organizations to dramatically accelerate the implementation of BPM projects, democratize and streamline its general use, empower business users and quickly prove tangible efficiencies. Main features include drag & drop configuration, dynamic forms creation per process, SLAs definition and control, integration with document management repositories via CMIS interface, process monitoring, integrated task list, dashboards and reports, and business-oriented discovery analytics.

The solution was implemented in Credito Valtellinese by a senior and experienced SAFIRA’s team, in order to ensure the success of the mentoring activities and the perfect adaptation to the client reality. Agility has been one of the most valued and remarkable characteristics of the framework, both in terms of timing (less than 2 weeks from ordering to start working, less than 4 weeks to implement the project, minutes to configure and deploy new processes), and integration with existing systems.

“We appreciate SAFIRA´s ability to deploy the solution in production in such a very short time. Moreover, it accelerated the execution of a great number of business demands; in less than two months we completed more than 60 simple processes based on SAFIRA’s BPM Ad-hoc Framework, most of them implemented directly by business end-users. It is really a time-to-market accelerator”, refers Matteo Pizzicoli, Process Manager at Bankadati, Grupo Bancario Credito Valtellinese.

Ricardo Luís Estêvão, Associate Manager at SAFIRA and responsible for the project, highlights “The potential value of the framework was immediately assimilated by Credito Valtellinese that identified more business processes available for roll-out than originally planned. It’s already evident a great autonomy in the business processes configuration, a high adoption throughout the organization and a total control and visibility over operational activities. SAFIRA is now working with Credito Valtellinese defining next projects that will enable an even richer use of the framework.”


About Credito Valtellinese

Credito Valtellinese banking Group is a cooperative group listed in the MTA (Mercato Telematico Azionario) of Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and counts more than 160.000 shareholders. The nationwide Group Network covers 11 regions with more than 500 branches shared between Credito Valtellinese, Credito Siciliano and Carifano, and 4.000 employees approximately. Parent Company of the Group is Credito Valtellinese S.c., established in Sondrio in 1908, following the cultural tradition of popular Catholicism which – since its very beginning - pursued development plans strongly bounded both to the social and economic improvement as to the enhancement of territories marked with a historical sphere of influence. Consistent to its guiding principles, the banking activity is mainly committed to family units, SMEs, artisans, professionals and – as a vocation and tradition – to non-profit organizations: a constantly expanding intangible patrimony of over 900.000 relationships.



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